Kindness Book: A Guide for Humans based on the Enneagram


Frank De Luca, Ph.D.


Clear, poignant and rich in its simplicity, this unique presentation of the Enneagram has the potential to significantly improve relationships. Understanding each orher inspires kindness.

In learning about other people, you will ...

  • appreciate that not everyone thinks the same way you do
  • learn not to take other people's behavior personally
  • see why certain relationships challenge you more than others
  • learn how to respond rather than react in most situations
  • expand your empathy towards others
  • increase your skills in relating to all types of people
  • deepen your connection with the people that matter to you

"When you lead from your heart, people feel it. They feel seen, not judged. They relax,. As they relax, they reveal more of their true self. They lighten up, they laugh more. You meet human to human in the most wonderful way. This is kindness"

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Seeing people through the lens of the Enneagram; a personality typing system based on nine fundamental ways of viewing life.